Using a commercial truck or auto? You will need commercial insurance. Call Vavala Financial Group Brokers.

If your business uses trucks or autos to haul goods or other materials across town or across the country, then you need commercial insurance. No matter how good  a driver’s driving record may be, trucking itself can be a dangerous profession. At some point, a trucker will encounter hazardous conditions on the roadway. Are you prepared?

Carrying a commercial insurance policy ensures that both the driver and any other motorists are compensated in the event of accidental injury or damage that may occur in a crash. The two major types of insurance that exist include general liability and physical damage plans.

General liability typically covers business employees and any independent truck owner/operators you may hire for a specific haul. This type of insurance policy will take care of damage sustained in an accident by the other motorist(s). Law no matter the circumstances under which a commercial truck is being operated requires this type of protection.

Physical damage coverage protects against damage done to your personal property–for example, any trucks you may own and use for your business–regardless of who is at fault in the accident. A comprehensive insurance policy will cover you in the event of such unforeseen events as theft, fire, flood and earthquakes, all of which are among the many dangers that exist on the road.

When you buy commercial insurance, it is important to make sure that your policy maximums are equivalent to your estimated repair or replacement expenses. Do not forget to factor in state and government restrictions when deciding on the level of coverage to purchase. The experts at Statewide Insurance can help you sort out these issues and determine which insurance plan currently on the market best meets your business needs: call or e-mail us today for an estimate.

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